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Ed says:

I can no longer sit back and allow impure CO2!

CO2Purifer.com was created in order to provide CO2 filtration and purification equipment to home brewers and keg beer enthusiasts at a price that’s not insane.

If you are a home brewer, you spend a lot of time and money in your pursuit of a more perfect beer.  You purchase equipment.  You pick and modify recipes to your taste.  You buy the freshest ingredients you can get your hands on and afford.  As an ingredient your CO2 should be no different. You take pride in your laboratory skills which ensure everything your beer touches is clean and disinfected.  If you are like us, the last thing you want to do is add an unknown quantity.  If you do not purify your CO2 through a filter / purifier train, can you say with certainty the CO2 is pure? 

Back in 2007 I set up my first kegerator buying most of my equipment from a large multinational company with a great website who has been in business since 1953 and pretty much has the corner on the beer dispensing industry.  Among all the items I bought, one item was a CO2 purifier for $36.  I wasn’t sure then if it was worth the money, but I figured for $36, it was a small price to pay to ensure my beer tasted as good as it could be.

Since then I got married, had a couple kids, and moved to a new state. When I finally caught my breath and had a chance to set my kegerator back up,  I found my dusty old CO2 purifier in the garage and wanted to replace it.  I went back to the same company only to find that they want over $111 for the purifier with the same exact part number.  I was outraged! I’m not usually that kind of guy, but I emailed customer service who could only tell me that the 300% price increase was due to inflation.  So naturally I turned to the internet and discovered that the inflation rate between 2007 and 2011 was about 10% – 12% depending on the website.  This meant my $36 purifier should be about $40.

Slowly but surely, I had an awful idea…. I had a wonderful awful idea. This is America! This P-I-G hog has created a business opportunity!  I am going to sell better filters online for less money!

By education and trade I am an engineer.  I’ve spent years researching products and writing specifications for performance and quality control.  I did some research and came to the conclusion that the quality of the CO2 I use to carbonate my home brews and/or push my commercial keg beer is a large variable.  The commercial soda, brewing, and bar industries have become increasingly aware over the past several years that CO2 can be a potential source of contaminants and off-flavors.

So based on my experience outlined above, I created co2purifier.com in order to provide CO2 filtration and purification equipment to the masses for reasonable prices.  As the business grows,  or the industry giants create more opportunities, I intend to add more products and services.





I can no longer sit back and allow impure CO2!!