Customer List was kicked off in 2011 mostly out of spite and as a proof of concept.  The concept was that if there existed market conditions where one party had a monopoly, a website could be created to compete with that monopoly.  As of first quarter 2014 we have hundreds of residential customers and a handful of commercial customers.  I am told customers find us primarily by googling “co2 purifier.”  That search typically features us prominently.  We dabbled in Adwords but as this business is largely run as a diversion, none had time to optimize the Adwords.   Rather than outspend others who pay for higher priced Advertising, I’d rather sell their products too.  That is why we are now offering Vici Metronics and coming soon Parker Hannifin CO2 Polishers.

Here is list of those trend setters are aware of rising problems with CO2 quality.  May they be exulted upon on altar of the marketplace and emulated.  I will be adding more names as I have time to go back through the orders and get permission to name names.


CooperSmith’s Pub and Brewing – 5 Old Town Square, Fort Collins, Colorado 80524

Idyll Hounds Brewery – Santa Rosa Beach, FL!home/mainPage

Kelsey Creek Brewing Company – 3945 Main Street, Kelseyville, CA 95451

Leight Engineering LLC – Bay Shore, NY 11706

SKY Kombucha LLC – Honolulu, HI and Aspen, CO  Can’t wait to sample their wares next time I’m out west or in Hawaii

Synergy Select One LLC – Riverside, CA

Tieton Cider Works – Tieton, WA  We joined the cider club and haven’t been disappointed!





NOTE:  If your business is here without permission please contact us.  We always ask, but don’t always get a response!