1. What is a CO2 purifier?

A CO2 purifier removes volatile organic residue (VOR), hydrocarbons (VOC), and other contaminants.

2. Do I need a CO2 purifier?

Absolutely, even processes that require 99.995% pure CO2 still use purifiers.  Is the gas you are getting 99.995% pure, or even 99.5%?  Ask the guy filling your tank.  Does she/he have any idea?  Most every brewery uses them.  Savvy bar owners use them.  You should use them.

2a. What kind of snake oil is this?

CO2 purifiers are snake oil just as much as any other form of insurance.  If the CO2 you are adding to your beer or seltzer and ingesting is perfect then you don’t need a purifier. However, to quote Donald Rumsfeld, CO2 quality is a “known unknown.”  Ask yourself, is the insurance you never have to use is a waste of money?  We don’t pretend to know the answer.

3. How much is shipping?

We ship domestically using UPS ground almost exclusively.  We offer a flat shipping rate of $7.99 (yes I pretty much copied Northern Brewer).  If you spend more than $50 we throw the shipping in.  You are welcome.

4. How do I pay with Dwolla? and/or What is Dwolla?

Check out this nifty page on the subject.

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