Paying with Dwolla

We like to support good ideas, especially when it comes to technology. Dwolla is definitely one such idea. If you haven’t heard of them before, check out their site at

Dwolla doesn’t have the same type of checkout options that you get with PayPal, it works a bit differently. Clicking on:

will take you to CO2Purifier’s checkout hub page with Dwolla.

Once on the CO2Purifier checkout page, simply do the following:

  • List the Item or Items you want to buy in the Details box. You can also leave any special instructions for us at CO2Purifier here as well.
  • Enter in the $$Dollar amount of your Items all added together, including $7.99 for shipping if your total is under $50. If over $50, you’re good!
  • Click the Single Payment tab and hit Next Step.
  • Follow the rest of the instructions from Dwolla.

It’s pretty simple and definitely different, but we think that we’re going to see more businesses like Dwolla emerge that offer consumers and businesses alike new options away from the traditional credit card transfer system. A little competition in that area could do us all some good.

Happy Shopping!