Parker Hannifin Polishers



In response to increased awareness of the impact on beverage characteristics that potential CO2 impurities can have, domnick hunter has developed a range of PCO2 carbon dioxide purifiers for the retail dispense industry. Acting as vapour polishers, these are designed to bring ‘out of specification’ gas back to within beverage quality guidelines. The PCO2 systems are designed to offer in-line quality incident protection against peak levels of trace contaminants that may  occasionally be present in retail dispense beverage grade carbon dioxide. Potential CO2 impurities may be residual contaminants carried  over from the feed source or could be introduced into the bulk liquid CO2 or gas cylinders from the distribution system. In either case, the domnick hunter PCO2 system offers added insurance against potential contamination of the beverage, thus avoiding potential costly product spoilage and consumer dissatisfaction.

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VBA Sterile Gas Filter

A VBA housing with a HIGH FLOW TETPOR II is suitable for all sterile gas applications including fermentation inlet and off gas streams, venting, lyophilisers, autoclave vacuum breaks and blow-fill-seal equipment as well as the provision of particle free air within the electronics industry.